Our Passion

Red Clay & Co. exists because we have a passion for great candles and social entrepreneurship. We create great candles for a greater purpose. For every candle sold, Red Clay & Co. makes a donation to groups in North Alabama working with the special needs community.

The story of Red Clay & Co. began with two basic premises. The first is that we live in Alabama and are by default experts in red clay. The second is that one of our founders, Chris, was blessed to have a brother with Down Syndrome. Growing up there was one thing common in his household: silly putty. Chris' brother did not go anywhere with out silly putty. Each Red Clay candle comes with a clay medallion as a way of paying homage to the many medallions of silly putty scattered around his childhood home. Receiving a medallion with your candle is our way of reminding you that you candle will not only smell amazing in your home, but is making a difference in the lives of those with special needs.